Services offered for your child

In-Home aba therapy

  • Direct, individualized therapy
  • A focus on building communication and independence
  • Assessments: developmental assessments, language assessments, assessments for problem behavior, and more!
  • Developmentally appropriate, sequential goals with specific strategies to achieve these goals
  • Individualized planning

In addition to the direct therapy children receive, the ABA Therapy team meets on a frequent, ongoing basis to review each child's goals and progress. This allows us to make objective, data-based decisions, and ensure quality implementation of all goals. 

Trainings for families and care providers

Training topics will depend on family needs. We currently have a a family training curriculum for families to complete on their own time throughout the week. We have weekly check-ins with families to respond to any questions and concerns. As children learn new skills with their ABA Therapy team, the families work on these goals one at time, so that the family can feel confident in teaching using ABA strategies and the children can generalize their new skills. We use ABA principles in our family training, and make sure this process is individualized to the child. 

professional supervision

It is so important to create a culture of promoting effective therapy. We are so happy to contribute to the community of behavior analysts.

WV Birth to Three

Liz (Director, BCBA) and Emily Smiechowski (BCBA) are both WV Birth to Three practitioners, meaning that our same services can be provided as early as possible. If children and families are found eligible for the services Mountainside ABA can provide, they are provided at no charge to the family. Liz provides services in Randolph and Tucker Counties. Emily provides services near Morgantown. Click here to learn more about WV Birth to Three.